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"Roast It Again, Sam" Premieres at the California Women's Film Festival

California Women's Film Festival

"Roast it Again, Sam" written, produced and starring Gary Gunter, recently premiered at the California Women's Film festival here in Los Angeles, CA. In a festival that celebrates female filmmakers, artists, and writers, the team behind Roast it Again, Sam includes a key group of talented women, such as the leading actress and Co-executive Producer (Dawn Michaels), Director of Photography (Andria Chamberlin), Assistant Director (Leah Reid), Costume Designer (Cathryn Wagner), and Associate Producer and Makeup Artist (Jennifer Kimble).

"Roast it Again, Sam" is directed by Bruce Caulk, and also co-stars the very talented Karl Girolamo and Patrick Duncan.

Shot both in black and white and color, "Roast it Again, Sam" is a comedic homage to classic films such as CASABLANCA and the directing styles of the 1940s. The lingo and rapid-fire delivery of the era escalates a misunderstanding over a guy, a dame, and a simple cup of coffee.

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